Rules of The Game

Rules of The Game

Thinking of entering Last Kid Standing, Spelling Bee Edition? Here are the rules of the game.

Last Kid Standing with SASKO rules of the game/East Coast Radio


  • Last Kid Standing with SASKO Spelling Bee competition will take place daily on Darren, Keri and Sky.
  • Parents or guardians of contestants will be contacted by the East Coast Radio team if they’re selected to play live on-air.
  • All contestant communication will take place with parents or guardians only.
  • There will be a pool of selected words for the contestants to spell during the competition.
  • Each selected word will be selected from the Grade 4 syllabus from Clifton School.
  • The assigned judges will uphold the rules and determine whether the assigned words have been spelt correctly or not.
  • The assigned judges decision is final.
  • For clarification, before beginning to spell, the speller may not ask the pronouncer to say the word again. The word will be automatically asked with a description of the word. For Example: An animal in the cat family with spots. Your word is: Leopard
  • The contestant will have a limited time to spell each word – no longer than 30 seconds will be allocated to spell the assigned word. The first round is without a timer, Round 2 and 3 all have shorter and shorter timers.
  • Once the contestant begins spelling the assigned word, they will not be allowed to stop and start over. If the contestant starts with the incorrect letter or mispronunciation, the contestant will also be disqualified immediately. The contestant needs to spell the last letter of the word before the buzzer, or they will be disqualified.
  • Presenters, parents, guardians, friends, families or any person may not at any point help contestants in the game. If it is revealed that a contestant is receiving help, the contestant will be immediately disqualified from the competition.
  • The contestant who spells their assigned word incorrectly will be automatically eliminated from the competition.
  • If the call drops/unclear after 1 attempt, the contestant will be disqualified. Callers can NOT be on a hands free device, Bluetooth or headset. All radios and televisions must be switched off in the background.
  • In an event of a tiebreaker, each contestant both spell an equal amount of words until one of them gets one incorrect.
  • All daily winners will automatically be entered into the semi-finals, which will take place every Friday from the start of the competition until the Last Kid Standing finale. 
  • The winner of the semi-final round will be a finalist and must be available to compete in the Last Kid Standing finale on 24 May 2022 at the Elangeni Hotel Sky Venue.
  • A semi-final round will be held every Friday where daily winners from that respective week will compete against each other LIVE from the East Coast Radio studio in Umhlanga during the Darren, Keri and Sky show.
  • All Friday semi-finalists need to be at the studio by 5:45 am.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to bring the contestant to the weekly semi-final.
  • COVID-19 protocols need to be followed. All contestants and parents/guardians need to do COVID-19 screening at reception before going to studio. 
  • All COVID-19 protocols will be outlined by an ECR representative prior to entering the ECR building.
  • The Friday semi-final rounds will be live on-air and will adopt the same format as the daily games that took place during the week.
  • Contestants, parents, guardians are expected to behave in a manner that befits the spirits of the competition.
  • No contestant, parent, guardian or guest of a contestant may attempt to influence the outcome of the competition on any way. If any foul play is suspected, the respective contestant will be disqualified.

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