Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is every hiker’s paradise

Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is every hiker’s paradise

Dust off your hiking boots and backpack, then head to the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.

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The beautiful Nature Reserve is found in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

It was established by the Natal Parks Board in 1950.

The amazing Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is a paradise for the nature lovers.

It conserves 668 hector of the Molweni and Nkutu River gorges and offers spectacular views across the well forested gorge which is cut by the Molweni River.

 The nature reserve has four moderate trails ranging from 2.1 to 36.2 km and from 141 to 586 meters above sea level. 

The amazing nature reserve boasts an abundance of wildlife.

Visitors will appreciate the dense forest and vegetation that covers the area, which will make for great photos.

You can also bring your picnic basket along. The picnic area is adjacent to the dam at the head of Kloof Falls.

The Krantzkloof Nature Reserve is a 20 minute drive from Durban.

It is situated only four kilometres from the centre of the Kloof village. 

Most of the Krantzkloof Nature reserve's 532 hectares is covered by dense forest and vegetation. It is a beautiful nature oasis.

So, if hiking is one of your favourite hobbies or something you want to try out, then the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve  is definitely the place to visit.

It is good  for all skill levels.

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