Get outdoors and enjoy an idyllic hike at Hoopoe Falls

Get outdoors and enjoy an idyllic hike at Hoopoe Falls

Enjoy the best nature has to offer at one of KwaZulu-Natal’s much-loved hiking spots - Hoopoe Falls.

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Tourism KZN
Tourism KZN

Hiking in the Zulu Kingdom is a favourite pastime for many avid hikers.

If you are new to hiking or just want to try a beautiful new hiking spot, then the scenic trail at Hoopoe Falls will not disappoint.

Located in the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, the Hoopoe Falls hiking trail is the perfect place to appreciate the best nature has to offer.

The trail is beginner-friendly, and most people find it quite easy to navigate.

You can access the trail from the main picnic site in the gorge.

One part of the trail will take you along the riverbank and typically takes 90-minutes to two hours.

You can then end your journey there or continue along the running trail which will take around four hours to complete - including the return trip on the same route.  

“Trail was safe, clearly marked & not too technical - also almost entirely in the shade. Nice to see park officials keeping an eye on our cars. We did it late December & the waterfall was in full flow & the swim was so welcome. Highly recommended,” one hiker wrote on

Regardless of which path you choose; you will be left in awe of the picturesque settings.

Here are a few reasons why the Hoopoe Falls Hike is worth a visit:

-       Beautiful picnic site to enjoy a meal with family and friends

-       Idyllic views

-       Safe parking facilities

-       Lots of shade along the route

-       Photographer’s dream

Put on your hiking shoes and make your way to Hoopoe Falls for a hiking trail you will not soon forget.

Don’t forget to take pictures and let everyone know about amazing hike.

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