King Shaka Heritage Route – Witness the footsteps of the great Shaka Zulu

King Shaka Heritage Route – Witness the footsteps of the great Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu, real name Sigidi kaSenzangakhona is a famous king who was also a warrior.

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He is the pride of the Zulu nation as he was key in ensuring that more than a hundred chiefdoms were brought together in the Zulu kingdom.

There were several places that where vital in grooming him to be the king he was.

These places are found on the King Shaka Heritage Route and remains a great memory of the remarkable Zulu king.

High Rock

King Shaka was known as a man of great strength, but what many people don’t know is that the High Rock is the place where the legend would execute his enemies.

Shaka would plan how to kill and eventually execute his enemies, so the High Rock is a memorable place of victory for the Zulu nation.

Apart from it being a place where Shaka took out many of his enemies, the place also held a special place in the hearts of many Zulu men.

The High Rock is also a rock from which many young Zulu boys would prove their manhood by propelling themselves to leap into the sea as a demonstration of courage. Those who managed to emerge successfully from the sea would be regarded as a man.

Observation Rock

A good leader is one who is able to plan, but also observe his team for any weak points and encourage them in the right direction.

The Observation Rock is where King Shaka Zulu would plan his military tactics and advice his army. He would observe them and advice accordingly.

Shaka Trees

King Shaka Zulu was very fond of trees, not only because of the shade and all the benefits that come from trees, but because they served as a meeting place for his council. The Shaka Trees is where Shaka and his council would solve the many challenges of the people under his rule.

Sadly, The Shaka Trees is also where the Indaba Tree or the Assassination Tree is found where Shaka was reputedly killed in 1828.

To see all these historical places that show the footsteps of the great Zulu king, then head to the King Shaka Heritage Route in Ballito.

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