Clean-up efforts at storm-hit Durban beaches

Clean-up efforts at storm-hit Durban beaches

The storm-ravaged areas of KwaZulu-Natal include the province's beaches. 

Durban beaches polluted
GreenPeace Africa

GreenPeace Africa shared images on their official Facebook site of the Durban Harbour and Blue Lagoon - showing thousands of polystyrene cups, plastic bottles, and general waste. 

Major clean ups will take place this weekend at Blue Lagoon Beach where plastic and refuse have blanketed the water's surface. 

Dale Johnson is with 'Clean Blue Lagoon'. 

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He says the pollution poses a threat to birds and other animals that live there. 

"I've seen poor birds trying to nest there and all that polystyrene and plastic bottles is quite heartbreaking and very sad. After three years of clean-ups, you're going to find absolutely everything there. Once you've clean all that - what's going to remain is all the polystyrene."

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