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Keri's Wellness Wednesday: How to win with newborn babies

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is dedicated to new parents, and anyone else looking after a newborn. These easy, at-home hacks will sure come in handy in sticky situations.

I've recently become a ‘new mom’ and it has proved to me a few things:

1) Being a mom is NOT A JOKE.
2) Without the hormones, a baby is really just the most hectic job in the world where you take your work home and to bed.
3) There is no ME time. Not for a second. EVER.
4) Single parents deserve the MOST amount of respect… and nap times. So many nap times.

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Here are a few baby hacks you most definitely need if you have a newborn baby:

1. How to check if a nappy is dirty without looking inside the nappy

Find out if your baby is wet or ‘crappy’ without opening the nappy just by checking the colour line. This is AMAZING, seriously! Apparently, the yellow line turns blue when the nappy is wet. Genius. And apparently the wetter it gets… the bluer it gets.

2. Olive Oil for the meconium nappy change

The olive oil helps the poo easily slide off of babies bum, making changing this nappy SO MUCH EASIER. Just put a generous amount of olive oil on the bum after each nappy change! Otherwise, the meconium poo is tar like and sticky!

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3. Coconut oil is the best baby lotion alternative
Go for an organic, cold pressed coconut oil. No added extras to be absorbed into baby’s skin. It will leave baby moisturised. Coconut oil is very healing on the skin, has a natural SPF, AND will make baby smell delicious (for those times when you want to close your eyes and pretend you’re sipping cocktails on an island).

4. Baby Rice Sock buddy
Keep baby happy with a RICE SOCK. You can’t be with baby ALL THE TIME, but you also want him/her to feel comforted. Fill a sock with rice to make a comforting bed buddy and you can also pop it in the microwave for a few seconds to add a little warmth to the bed. Make sure to triple check the temperature of the sock before putting it in bed with baby, please.

Great tip: Stick a hook onto the back of your feeding chair and hang your bibs there so you don’t have an issue trying to find your bibs for feeding times.

5. Pack extra
And finally… moms/dads, when you are packing your baby bag, pack an extra top for YOU. You know there is a 99% chance of being puked on or something as rough. Feel like a fresh and happy human in a clean top. It will make all the difference.

I hope you find these tips useful!

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