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#KeriHasABaby: "I choose to be child-free, please don't judge me"

"Yesterday I went to the shops with baby East and I'm absolutely shocked and overwhelmed by the positive and mostly the hectic, negative response from people" - Keri Miller 

Keri - please don't judge me

Just as I was getting comfortable with baby East, and I even figured out a nappy hack that makes things so much easier when he wants to be changed, yesterday things quickly turned sour as we headed out to the shops to do a bit of shopping. 

At first, I was excited to see how people would respond to a woman in her mid-30's walking around with a life-size baby doll, and my excitement quickly turned into overwhelming sadness. 

Everyone has a right to choose what they want and how they want to lead their lives.

Are you childfree? And if you are, are you happy with being child-free?

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