#KeriHasABaby: "I can't do this ANYMORE!"
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#KeriHasABaby: "I can't do this ANYMORE!"

"I'm officially the world's worst mother! I did the unthinkable to baby East yesterday, I just couldn't do it anymore" - Keri Miller

Keri Miller - I cant do this anymore

Wow...I'm actually out of words and after yesterday I'm pretty sure what I did would be illegal and considered as child neglect and abuse...and no, I'm not proud of it, but thankfully East is not a real baby (not that it makes me feel any better).

East was on his best behaviour the whole day yetsreday and then suddenly he just couldn't stop crying!

So eventually, I left East with Timo our house keeper and this happened:

Am I the only 'parent' who's ever left their 'child' to cry out of frustration?

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