Philanthropy’s place in your business

Philanthropy’s place in your business

Success in business does not happen without support. Whether the support comes from big corporations or small communities, the responsibility to give back remains the same

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The power of philanthropy in your business can have a resounding effect, and women in business can make a massive difference. We look at how it can benefit your business, as well as provide a personal purpose.

Build relationships

Getting your business involved in philanthropic efforts can help you build relationships with various stakeholders. You won’t only meet the recipients of your philanthropy, but also other contributors and businesses involved in a cause. Building relationships can lead to building partnerships, which can be highly beneficial to your business.

Employee participation

Don’t forget that your employees might also want to be a part of your philanthropic initiatives. Being involved and being able to contribute by offering their time or effort provides a sense of purpose and pride at been given the chance to get involved and to work for a company that gives back. You’ll foster greater camaraderie and purpose among your team members.

Customer loyalty

Involving your customers in your philanthropic efforts can lead to a strong brand loyalty among them. Knowing that their support of your business has enabled you to make a difference, helps them feel that they’ve helped make a difference. If they support your chosen cause, this could very likely lead to brand loyalty and continued support. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth - if a client likes what you’re doing, they will spread the word.

Building the brand

Some might say bringing emotions into business is not always the best idea, but a cornerstone of building a successful brand is ensuring that the brand generates positive emotions. Your customers and clients are humans, not robots. Showing that your brand has empathy and a generous spirit can help influence the perception of your brand among current and future customers.


Being an entrepreneur and businesswoman means long, hard hours of work. It’s very possible that you forget about your own personal fulfilment. Adopting a community social upliftment project can help fill that space. It’s easy to be too busy and to forget about your own personal development, and while success is sweet, being able to share it with those less fortunate makes it even sweeter. Giving wholeheartedly and without reserve brings positivity to you and to those who need it.

Be Inspired

Well-known businesswoman, Basetsana Kumalo, who is also a speaker at this year’s FNB Business Women’s Breakfast in association with East Coast Radio, is a shining example of how practising philanthropy within your business can be rewarding and provide much-needed assistance. Some of the work done by Basetsana includes working with children who have lost their parents to HIV and AIDS, and campaigning for UNICEF and LoveLife, to name a few. When asked about her and her husband Romeo’s contribution to various projects and charities, her response was: “We are passionate about helping those in need, but mostly we’re inspired by children. There is so much need in South Africa and we want to make a tangible and sustainable difference”.

How can you start giving? Visit FNB’s Philanthropic Centre to find out how they’re making it easier for you to share your success with those who need it.

What do a television presenter, an entrepreneur, a social media lawyer, and a doctor-turned-self-made businesswoman have in common? They’re all #UnStoppable and will be inspiring other women to reach for the sky at the sold-out FNB Business Women’s Breakfast in association with East Coast Radio. The event takes place on 20th August at the Durban ICC. If you bought tickets to this exclusive event, we'll see you there!

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