Dr Judy Dlamini talks success and equality
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Dr Judy Dlamini talks success and equality

The FNB Business Women’s Breakfast in association with East Coast Radio is around the corner, so it only seemed right that we picked the brain of the brilliant Dr Judy Dlamini ahead of her appearance at the event.

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When one thinks of successful women in the South African context, Dr Judy Dlamini is always high up on the list.

Her achievements speak for themselves, with her work in the medical field, business world, and social sphere not only enhancing her reputation as a massive asset to this country, but also a champion for the masses who don't have a voice.

As a published author of the book 'Equal But Different', Dlamini takes inequality head-on, while her recent appointment as the first black female Chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand shows that her ability to break down boundaries and stereotypes should be admired and adopted by all who want to achieve success in life.

Oh, she is also very much a family woman and loves nothing more than being with her husband and daughter. How does she do it all?

Ahead of her talk at the FNB Business Women’s Breakfast in association with East Coast Radio, we managed to tame the hurricane that is Dr Judy Dlamini and ask her a few pertinent questions.

East Coast Radio: How do you define success, given that you are seen as a success in all that you do?

Dr Judy Dlamini: My definition of success has changed over the years. My current definition is - finding your purpose and living it.

East Coast Radio: Have you got any tips for aspiring businesswomen?

Dr Judy Dlamini: It's not an easy journey, it needs hard work, focus, and resilience. Learn from people around you, and never give up on yourself and your dreams.

East Coast Radio: You are a very busy person. How do you juggle everything you are involved in?

Dr Judy Dlamini: I drop some balls... I don't have balance. I'm indebted to my husband and my daughter, who are my pillars of strength. I'm grateful to my staff who make it doable.

East Coast Radio: What is your best tip for using time wisely?

Dr Judy Dlamini: Employing good people buys you time. Be in the moment when you spend precious time with family. Family means everything.

East Coast Radio: What makes a great leader?

Dr Judy Dlamini: A humble servant of the people who is ethical, decisive, and nurturing.

East Coast Radio: What are the most important attributes required to become a success in business?

Dr Judy Dlamini: Integrity, respect for self and others, hard work, and an ability to learn.

East Coast Radio: Equality is a big thing for you - you even wrote a book about it. What bugs you the most when it comes to inequality in the workplace?

Dr Judy Dlamini: A culture that expects people to assimilate to the dominant culture instead of a deliberately-inclusive culture that allows people to come as they are and give their best, without selling their soul.

East Coast Radio: What do you hope to see happen with regards to women in business in the future?

Dr Judy Dlamini: Equal opportunity for promotion, equal pay for equal work, acceptance of women as they are, and allowing them to thrive.

East Coast Radio: What would you like to see happen in South Africa to make it a better place for all?

Dr Judy Dlamini: Eradication of poverty. Closing the gap between the rich and the poor. Quality health care and education that is accessible to all.

The FNB Business Women’s Breakfast in association with East Coast Radio will be taking place on Monday, 20 August at Durban’s ICC. Speaking alongside Dlamini will be Basetsana Khumalo, Lynette Ntuli, and Emma Sadleir.

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