Last minute holiday? Plan your perfect summer vacay

Last minute holiday? Plan your perfect summer vacay

Have you left your summer holiday planning for the last minute? These tips will help!

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Going on holiday can be one of the most exciting things, but things can go wrong if you did not plan sufficiently.

Things can get even crazier if you plan a trip last minute! 

Just imagine reaching your holiday destination and realising you don't have enough clothes or you forgot something important?

So before you make that mistake, let us help you plan your perfect summer holiday with this tips:

Do some research before choosing a destination

Most holiday destinations are fully booked for the summer holidays, which means you will have to do a lot of calling around. When you finally do find a place, desperation might lead to you paying a deposit on a place without doing some proper checks. Do not just choose a place because you saw lovely images on the internet. Do some research to make sure your booking is legit. Holidaymakers have been tricked out of thousands of Rands by accommodation scams.

Choose the right mode of transport

Whether you are thinking of flying, using your own car or hiring, be sure you make the right decision. Look at the distance and compare how much you would spend on the different kinds of transports. Flights go up quite a bit during the holidays, which means they could cost an arm and a leg. You will either have to dig into your savings or find a cheaper mode of transport. 

Also make sure you check-in on time. You do not want to miss your plane and have your vacation delayed because of being late at the airport. If you are using a car, make sure it is serviced and your spare tyre is in working condition, just in case something happens. Also, make sure you have enough money for petrol.

Make sure you know the rules of where you are going

If you are going out of the country, make sure you know what items you need to travel to that country.  The last thing you want is to be arrested in a foreign country. 

No visa needed

Choose local destinations or neighboring countries to avoid visa hassles. As long as you have a passport, South Africans can travel to places like Mozambique, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius without a visa for a certain period of time. Check out this list of 114 countries South Africans can travel to without a visa. 

Make sure your passport has not expired as it will be checked at the airport or border. 

Should you wish to extend your vacation, make the necessary arrangements. It is also wise to find out the rules of the place you will visit to avoid getting into trouble or arrested. 

If you are planning to have a braai or take your pet along, make sure the place allows for that.

Be prepared for weather changes

It's a great idea to find out what the weather will be like, however, it's always wise to pack for any weather. Sometimes the weather can change without warning and you do not want to find yourself having unexpected costs due to going shopping for clothes.

Pack enough clothes 

Make sure you have enough clothes for the trip and pack a little extra just in case something happens and you are forced to stay a bit longer. Do not forget to pack your toiletries and enough underwear.

Plan your activities

Know exactly what the venue offers and what activities you could do around the area. Then plan what activities you would be doing on which day, especially if your vacation is lengthy.

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