Meet Shannon and Jonathan - the third finalists for #ECRWeddingInAWeek

Meet Shannon and Jonathan - the third finalists for #ECRWeddingInAWeek

Love conquers all - and Shannon and Jonathan showed us that today. They have had a rough time, but have been able to overcome it all side by side.

Jonathan & Shannon
Nobuntu Swartbooi

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On Thursday, we welcomed our third couple to the studio for #ECRWeddingInAWeek - and the Drive Team were super thrilled. 

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It has been a tough week for the Drive Team with all the amazing couples that have been coming through for the #ECRWeddingInAWeek. To make things even more difficult for the Drive Team, Thursday's finalists, Jonathan and Shannon, just happen to be the perfect couple.

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This lovely couple recently got engaged, and all they want to do is get married and live happily ever after. 

Listen to the podcast to get to know the couple better. 

Watch the Facebook Live coverage of the third finalists for #ECRWeddingInAWeek:

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