#ECRWeddingInAWeek: Excited couple grateful for the never-ending spoils!

#ECRWeddingInAWeek: Excited couple grateful for the never-ending spoils!

It's only Tuesday and the lovely couple is already overwhelmed by the love and spoils from the Drive Team! Imagine how they will feel on their big day? We can't wait! 

Matthew & Nicole
Nobuntu Swartbooi

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It has been such an exciting two days for the lovely couple, who will tie the knot this Friday.

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The couple has been up and down with all the wedding preparations. On Tuesday, the Drive Team went to Just Japs in Gateway for the groom's suit - the excitement was so real.

After such a busy morning the couple was treated to a lovely spa day at The Camelot Spa Pearls Mall - it was their first time being at a spa, so everything was magical for them. 

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Watch videos of the groom choosing his suit for his big day:

The lovely couple and the team at Camelot Spa at The Pearls Mall:

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