'You are not alone'

'You are not alone'

It’s the first KindnessCan podcast for 2021. But as Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell have discovered - it may be a new year - but there’s still a lot of last year that we’re still dealing with. Sigh.

'You are not alone'

 Lockdowns, home schooling, social distancing, masks, scary statistics, and a cocktail of big feelings.

As Durban-based psychologist Paul Bushell reminds us all, “you are not alone.”

"You're not alone if you're sitting there finding this incredibly hard. So many of the people who I'm chatting to at the moment, just everyone feels like the simple things are proving really difficult at the moment. And if that's how you are feeling, we get you; we feel you... And we've really just got to be compassionate and forgiving with ourselves through this experience," says Paul.

As always, Jane and Paul offer their gentle, practical and fun tips on how to keep finding kindness and light in life. We will get though this.

It's the message you or a loved one may need right now. Listen below.

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