Proud dad Gordon loves Stevie Wonder's song for daughter

Proud dad Gordon loves Stevie Wonder's song for daughter

We play so many great songs on East Coast Gold but every now and then there's one that I just love, love, love - and that’s the case (for me) with Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely.’ Why do I love this song?

Stevie Wonder

Well - many reasons, but the biggest one is I have a daughter, so the fact that this song is a celebration of the birth of Stevie Wonder's daughter resonates with me.

The lyrics speak of how much he values this young life, the way he sees this gift of a daughter as the most precious thing in his life.

The song features not just Stevie’s great vocals and trademark music arrangements but also starts with a recording of his daughter Aisha’s first cry when she was born.

I was there for the birth of both my daughters, it is truly an amazing experience.  The range of emotions you go through is just overwhelming. 

When my youngest daughter, Mackenzie, was born I was so nervous on the day of the birth.  Probably more nervous than Vivienne who actually had to do the birth. 

The trip to the hospital for the pre-booked C Section was fraught with fear and excitement.  The actual hospital experience was a blur,  but then they handed me this little girl and said ‘Congrats Daddy’ and I was instantly in love with this little child.

So I get this song. I understand what Stevie Wonder is talking about. For him he couldn’t see the moment his daughter was born but he heard it, and put his emotions into song (what a gift to have.)

I honestly wish I could have written a song about such a big life moment but sadly I don’t have those skills.

On East Coast Gold, we play songs you know, songs with heart, songs that remind you of a moment in your life that means something big to you.

Thank you for listening!

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