WATCH: Here's how we gave away R350 000 in cash! #EveryCallerWins

WATCH: Here's how we gave away R350 000 in cash! #EveryCallerWins

Yes, it's the month we've all been waiting for!

Darren Maule sneakily recorded his Producer earlier today where he tricked him into sharing 3 extra ways to win in Every Caller Wins without calling 087 087 9495. 

Have a listen to the cheat code Darren, Keri and Sky: 

October is here, and if you're an avid East Coast Radio listener, you know what that means!

It's our birthday month, and we go BIG!

East Coast Radio is turning 26, and we want to celebrate our birthday by rewarding YOU! 

We're mixing things up this year because we can't give away ALL our secrets for the big two-six! 

You know how the phone lines blow up during Every caller Wins, but so we’re giving you more ways to win big with us for our birthday!


We're giving you 3 chances to win big with us this month!

  1. On-air
  2. Online
  3. On social media


Have you spotted the ECR QR code on social media? If not, head to our social media channels, spot the QR code, scan it and it will take you to a secret page

Follow the 2 simple steps and you could be winning R5 000 in CASH! It’s as simple as that! #ECR26 #PaintKZNYellow 

On Social Media

You know how the phone lines blow up during Every caller Wins, but so we’re giving you more ways to win big with us for our birthday!

If your call does not get answered, you still have a chance to win R5 000 on social media!

On the big day, take a selfie of yourself listening to East Coast Radio by clicking here- BUT make sure you have something yellow in the picture!

Share your selfie on social media using the #ECR26 #PaintKZNYellow and could be winning R5 000 in cash!

Here's what you need to do to stand a chance of winning your share of R350 000 in cash with #EveryCallerWins:

Each week we will be celebrating 26 years of ECR with various themes, but on any given day we could be opening up the phone lines and rewarding YOU!

This year, you have to tune in to East Coast Radio every morning from 6 am because your chance to win your share of R350 000 in cash could happen on any given day! So, if ever there was a time to make sure you tune in - it's in October!

Stay tuned because you don't want to miss your big shot when the phone lines open up!


Here's how to listen to East Coast Radio each day this month:

  1. Listen to East Coast Radio on the FM (frequency modulation) spectrum between 94 and 95 FM on your radio.
  2. Listen live to ECR by clicking here or download the ECR App (iOS/Android).
  3. Listen to East Coast Radio on the DStv audio bouquet, channel 836.
  4. Listen to us on Amazon Alexa.

East Coast Radio is celebrating 26 years of being by your side. 

What we are also doing is Every Caller Wins. On one particular day in October, every person who successfully makes it to air when phoning 087 087 9495 will win their share of R350 000 in cash.

Listen to what DKS had to say about it:

Darren has been stalling on when Every Caller Wins is being held. 

Out of frustration, Keri has decided to do something about it and gets a psychic to predict the date of when Every Caller Wins.

Listen to what the psychic: 

Here are some tips on how to make sure you're ready when the big day arrives:

Save this magical number on your phone: 

087 087 9495 - but only call it on the day of Every Caller Wins.

Don't answer the phone like this:

These are the best times to call:

Here's how to increase your chances of getting your call answered:

  • Don't spam the Whatsapp line
  • Call in short bursts during the day rather than all the time.
  • Don't call while they are speaking on air - It's more likely that your call will be answered during a song
  • Listen for the specific topic that we request you to call about. Don't just say 'Happy Birthday ECR'.
  • Expect that the phone will be answered. Often times people put their phones on Loudspeaker and when the producer answers there is silence.
  • Bonus tip: Do not call a day before or after Every Caller Wins asking if you won the money.

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  • Only callers who make it on air are winners – If your call is answered by a producer that does not make you a winner. Winners are only callers who are put on air to speak to the presenter.
  • All calls that are answered will be shortlisted – not all shortlisted callers make it to air, however.
  • Callers are put on air at the Producers’ discretion.
  • Criteria for being put on air:
  • Entrants in station/show competitions that were pre-selected subject to the standard competition Ts and Cs
  • Callers must clear, quality, and audible phone lines.
  • Callers that sound energized and enthusiastic.
  • The producers’ decisions are final
  • Callers will be put on air between 6 am and 7 pm on the big day
  • Only callers who are over 18 and have not won in the past 90 days qualify to enter.

Find East Coast Radio on the following social media platforms: 

Terms and conditions apply!

Main image attribution: East Coast Radio

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