Inside the Battle of Isandlwana – Explore one KZN’s most historic sites

Inside the Battle of Isandlwana – Explore one KZN’s most historic sites

Listen to tales of warfare between the Zulus and the British while touring the Isandlwana Battlefields.

Battle of Isandlwana
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The Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879 is an important moment in KwaZulu-Natal’s history.

It was the first major clash between the Zulu Kingdom and the British Empire in the Anglo-Zulu War.

The battle happened 11 days after the British began their invasion of Zululand. But a Zulu force of about 20,000 warriors were ready for the fight of their lives.

Zulu men, armed with traditional assegai iron spears, attacked part of the British’s main column.

The warriors used cow-hide shields for protection. They also used some old rifles against the British force, which had superior military technology.

The British were no match for the Zulus who came out victorious. The first British invasion of Zululand was successfully thwarted.

It was their worst defeat against the natives, which resulted in the British taking a much more hostile approach in the second invasion.

The story does not end there, of course, but the Battlefields Route remains an important part of KwaZulu-Natal’s history.

And not just for the descendants of those who took part in the historic clash, but for scores of people eager to learn more about the deadly encounter.

Registered tour guides have been taking visitors to the Isandlwana Battlefields for years. Tourists get to sit on the battlefield and learn everything there is to know about the Zulu’s victory.

There are also many great places to stay when visiting the Isandlwana area. They all have great views of the rolling hills, and some of the battle sites.

Here’s a look at some of the great places to stay:

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