Take a hike at the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve #ThingsToDoInKZN

Take a hike at the Paradise Valley Nature Reserve #ThingsToDoInKZN

Explore this perfect hidden gem for the hike of your life.

Paradise valley hike

If there's one activity that's always a great idea, it's hiking.

The Paradise Valley Nature Reserve is a great location to explore and connect with your surroundings.

The reserve provides you with some exciting hiking trails. You can also find the perfect spot to have a fantastic picnic or mini braai.

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Paradise Valley Nature Reserve is positioned next to the popular Umbilo River and is home to a stunning waterfall.

You will also get to learn more about the history that is attached to the reserve, including the 80 burial mounds which are found here, and you'll also be surprised that some of the facilities at the reserve are dated back to as far as 1887.

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Paradise Valley Nature Reserve

Another fascinating fact about the Paradise River Valley Reserve is that it is home to the historical Umbilo waterworks.

Here are some tips for a hiking trip: 

  • Always wear appropriate clothes for hiking
  • Ensure that you find out more information about the location you'll be hiking 
  • Plan and prepare your day accordingly
  • Always check the weather conditions before the date of your hike
  • Carry enough water to hydrate yourself
  • Do not attempt to go off trail as this could put you in danger
  • Always hike with people
  • Know your limits

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The Paradise River Valley Reserve aims to preserve this beautiful location to ensure that it remains one of Pinetown's greatest places to visit.

They have implemented rules to abide by when visiting the location.

Some of the rules are: 

  • There is no alcohol allowed at the venue
  • Pets are not permitted 
  • There are vehicles permitted at the location
  • The location does not permit littering 
  • Payments must be made before entry

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