A soothing gondola boat ride along the beautiful canal

A soothing gondola boat ride along the beautiful canal

Everyone needs a relaxing gondola boat ride at some point in their life.

Gondola Boat Ride

The Gondola Boat ride is one of Durban's popular activities for a reason.

The ride is super amazing and gives you so much relaxation.

Everyone who has experienced this ride rarely has a negative review.

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This memorable experience comes with different exciting packages such as the night package, which allows you to enjoy a peaceful night riding the boat and viewing the spectacular lights of Durban.

There is also a special package - Message in a Bottle Ride, which consists of a floating bottle that has a secret message for you.

The operator will drop the bottle in the water, the bottle will float around the boat without you seeing it and then eventually the operator will ask you to retrieve the bottle and find your special message.

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There is also a picnic boat ride package which consists of delicious food - who doesn't like a great snack while letting the water carry you away?

Some of the food includes: 

  • Luxury chocolates
  • Biltong
  • Grape juice 
  • Soft cheese 
  • Oreos 

There is definitely a boat ride package for everyone.

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Gondola Boat Ride

Here are some rules for the Gondola Boat Ride:

  • Ensure that you are punctual to enjoy the boat ride
  • Zulumoon Gondolas is not licensed to sell alcohol
  • All children under the age of 3 ride for free when accompanied by an adult
  • Life jackets are available at the location on request 

You can make a booking for your boat ride here.

Address: Durban Point Waterfront Canal Durban, 4001

Phone: 084 730 8784

Email: [email protected]

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