NEW: Ben and Jack's ice-cream shop opened by young duo

NEW: Ben and Jack's ice-cream shop opened by young duo

Sweet sibling success inspiring the Durban North community.

Ben and Jacks
Ben and Jacks / supplied

It's getting hot in the 031 and that means it's time for a delicious scoop of frozen goodness - ice-cream. 

In the heart of Durban North, a sweet sensation has emerged, captivating the taste buds and warming the hearts of locals. Durban North's own, two brothers Ben (19) and Jack (17) Cobbold, are scooping their dreams into reality at this charming ice-cream shop. 

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What sets Ben and Jack's apart is not just the creamy goodness of their ice-cream, but the friendly service. These young brothers are on a mission to put a smile of the face of every Durbanite, one scoop at a time, and wow has it been met with an overwhelming wave of support from their local community!

Catch this bounty of flavours in the heart of Durban North at Pick 'n Pay Hyper. 

Ben Cobbold shares that this is a venture that has been in the works for a while and the concept surrounding 'Ben and Jack's' began a whole year ago. Ben and Jack's, the brainchild of the two young brothers, was created due to their passion for frozen delights, the ocean, and an active lifestyle.

"It's all about friendly faces and chill vibes. I want to help upskill my mates and the community by creating job opportunities for them. This can be a side hustle where they get a taste of the working world," Ben shares. 

As Ben takes the lead on this endeavour, Jack will follow closely behind and is already helping out on weekends and after school. 

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An endless summer calls for an endless supply of ice-cream this festive season. While these guys may be the new kids on the block, future endeavours of expanding are already in mind. 

Whether you're seeking some cold relief on a sweltering day or a pick-me-up indulgence, Ben and Jack's is the go-to destination. 

As word spreads about this delightful ice-cream haven, Ben and Jack's is quickly becoming a cherished spot for families, friends, and dessert enthusiasts alike. Trust us, this is one you don't want to sleep on. Styles Mbatha rates this as a must-do in KZN. 


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