Mimosa: A taste of pure summer

Mimosa: A taste of pure summer

Here's something that will have you feeling 'bubbly'.

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If there's a drink you can never go wrong with, it's a Mimosa.

Some even say, 'A Mimosa a day keeps all your worries at bay.'

This perfect drink can be paired with almost any type of breakfast or lunch because it goes so well with almost anything. 

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The Mimosa is named after a popular plant and although the creator of the cocktail is unknown, the cocktail was extremely popular in the United States of America around 1960.

The Mimosa was used at big formal functions and events as a celebratory drink.

The drink represents giltz and glam and can be seen as a representation of the "finer things in life.'

The Mimosa continues to live up to the reputation of being fancy, even today. If you look at pictures of people on a tropical vacation, you're extremely likely to spot a luxurious champagne flute filled with the bright yellow drink.

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It is also said that the drink was popular in France, which makes perfect sense when you think about France's aesthetic - just imagine a French croissant paired with a Mimosa?!

Here are the ingredients you require to make a good Mimosa:

  • Sparkling wine
  • 1/2 cup of 100% orange juice

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