Why is ‘Old School’ music so good?

Why is ‘Old School’ music so good?

‘Music was my first love and it will be my last’. These are the words so perfectly put into the John Miles song released in 1976. While this statement is true, why is it that the music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s - or ‘Old School’, is so good?

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To me it seems like every song had so much more behind it than the rinse and repeat pop music we hear today. The longevity of the music from that era has proven itself, as the songs are still as relevant today as they were the day they were released.

One of the major pluses working on East Coast Gold is doing some research of the music we play and finding the origins of the music, and who was involved in making them the massive hits that they are. 

Without fail, every song has a story, a time and a place that resounds with a memory that lives deep inside us, and that’s where I begin to find my answer as to why this music is still so popular and timeless.

The psychological concept of the ‘Reminiscence Bump’ is credited with what makes the music from yesteryear such a draw card to so many of us. 

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‘Reminiscence Bump’ is a peak in personal memories, of all kinds, that consistently comes in late adolescence and early adulthood. That is, we all remember more detail, more clearly, from this stage of our development. Since music is so emotional, personal, and memorable, doesn’t it make sense that it would peak the same way?

When I hear the Carpenters' ‘Yesterday Once More’, I am immediately transported to my childhood home and my family playing the vinyl record (with its satisfying crackles), listening to Karen Carpenter set the mood. 

Later in my teen years, Bryan Adams' ‘Cuts Like A Knife’ was the album I listened to over and over, and when I hear the first few notes of the song, I am a teenager in my room with my Walkman headphones on full blast, pretending I was the ‘rocker’ on stage with thousands of adoring fans cheering me on.

Music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s evokes a memory buried deep inside us, either happy or sad, it is a strong emotional connection to our younger selves. This was the time when we were finding our identity and beginning to decide who we wanted to be - and what we listened to was a massive part of our identity.

That’s why playing the classic hits is such a privilege. It's time travel in 3 minutes 30 seconds (the average length of a song) to a time when we were young and free with the world at our feet.

What song on East Coast Gold brings back the best memories for you? Or what song that does bring back those amazing memories would you like us to play? Email me on [email protected].

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