Where are they now? Matthew Wilder

Where are they now? Matthew Wilder

Mathew Weiner, better known as Mathew Wilder, was born in New York city in 1953. In 1984, his single ‘Break My Stride’ catapulted to No. 2 on the Cash Box Charts and to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Matthew Wilder Break My Stride
In his early days, Wilder was part of a duo called Mathew and Peter in the 1970’s - while in 1978 he moved to LA and sang on TV commercials as well as doing backing work for Bette Midler.

His debut album called ‘I Don’t Speak the Language’ had reasonable success and made it to No. 49 on the Billboard Charts riding on the success of ‘Break My Stride’.

The single, ‘The Kids American’ did well and secured the 33rd spot on the charts in 1984 but it never lived up to the success of Wilder’s biggest hit single.

Wilder’s second Album called ‘Bouncin off the Walls’ failed to gain any momentum even though he made use of innovative music video to promote the title track which only made it to No. 52.

Wilder continued his career in the music industry as a producer and songwriter and worked with very successful artists like Christina Aguilera and No Doubt in the 1990’s.

He later went on to work with Miley Cyrus on her Hannah Montana song ‘G.N.O (Girls Night Out) which did extremely well for the young songstress.

Wilder also made great strides in the film genre, writing for the Disney Film Mulan. His voice was used for the character of Ling and he won a Nomination for ‘Music in an Animated Feature Production’ at the Annie Awards and was nominated for an Academy Award for “Original Music Score’ for his work on that movie.

Wilder once again used his talents when he paired up with producer Jerry Goldsmith for the lyrics for Princesses - a theatre production that ran at 5th Avenue Theatre - and was set to be released on Broadway.

We will never forget ‘Break My Stride’ and in turn won’t forget the talents of Mathew Wilder.

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