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Where are they now? A-Ha

A-Ha conquered the music world in the 1980’s and their music is still play-listed around the world today. With massive hit singles like ‘The Sun Always Shines on TV’, ‘Touchy’ and the incredible ‘Crying in the Rain’ - they dominated charts around the world and had a massive fan base.  

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A-ha - fronted by Morten Harket - even went on to record a Bond Theme Tune called ‘The Living Daylights’ in the film that featured Timothy Dalton as the British spy.

Their last major hit single was ‘Cry Wolf’ and it made its way into the Billboard hot 100 in 2010.  A-ha's final concert was in Oslo, Norway - when Morten Harket the bands front man decided to call time on the band.  

The show was filmed with 10 HD cameras and produced a DVD called ‘Ending on a high note’ with surround sound to give the viewer an incredible experience.

In 2014 there were rumours going around of new A-Ha activities and in 2015 those rumours paid dividends when, during an A-ha fan convention in Oslo, manager Harald Wilk announced plans to rerelease the bands first five albums on vinyl and in December 2014 the band announced that they'd been invited to perform at Rock in Rio 2015.

In March of the same year it was confirmed that the band had come back together for two years to write and record new material. This produced the 10th Studio album ‘Cast in steel’ which was released in September 2015.

After performing again at a Nobel Prize Concert in Oslo a-ha decided it would be good to tour, which they did in 2016. The success of this tour lead to a European acoustic tour.

Fast forward to February 2020 and the Hunting High and Low Live Tour is in full swing with the band visiting South Africa in February, heading to Cape Town and Johannesburg this weekend!

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