What radio means to our East Coast Gold presenters

What radio means to our East Coast Gold presenters

Sunday, 13 February, marks World Radio Day. Some of the East Coast Gold presenters have shared what this special day (and special medium) means to them. 

Gordon chats to Jane about East Coast Gold

Radio is one of the world's best ever inventions. I'm sure you will agree? It is reported that the first wireless radio was invented in 1893 by Nikola Tesla.

For decades, radio has been trusted by people from all walks of life to keep them informed and entertained. It connects the young and old and people from all over the world. 

February 13 marks World Radio Day. Below, our presenters share what radio means to them: 

Damon Beard

"Whether it’s listening to my favourite presenter, switching on to listen to the latest news, or find out whose birthday it is, radio's always been the place for me to find out all I need to know… and hear the songs that bring back a million memories. Radio gets me to wherever I need to be…  and then back home again."

Dave Guselli

"Radio is the way I connect with people on a daily basis. On East Coast Gold it means I can be by your side, through thick and thin, as we relive musical memories together!"

Jane Linley-Thomas

"I have loved radio for as long as I can remember. At the age of six I told my dad that one day I would be on radio and it has been my home since 2003. I love the way radio has the ability to unite, lift, and inspire."

Gordon Graham:

“In 1920 the first commercial broadcast on radio started an epic journey of 'theatre of the mind' since then Radio has connected people with entertainment, news and an escape from boredom. What a privilege to be part of the legacy of this beautiful thing called Radio, Happy World Radio Day everyone and thanks for listening.”

Guy McDonald

"Radio is truly powerful as it traverses all social boundaries. You don’t have to be literate to enjoy radio and you don’t have to be wealthy. It’s the modern equivalent of the village story-teller. As a presenter, I love the immediacy of the medium. There’s no retakes or second chances. You need to be focused and accountable. Finally, the memories that music conjures up, offer us an escape from the now."

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