Latest UK travel ban to SA scuppers Damon Beard's first trip back 'home'

Latest UK travel ban to SA scuppers Damon Beard's first trip back 'home'

East Coast Gold's Damon Beard woke to the news that he will have to cancel his first trip back to South Africa in over two years because of the UK's latest travel ban on flights to and from South Africa.

Damon Beard UK
Damon Beard

The latest UK travel ban to South Africa has scuppered Damon Beard's first trip back 'home'.

Britain has announced it's banning travel from six southern African countries, including South Africa, after our country's scientists detected a new Covid-19 variant with a large number of mutations.

The United Kingdom is suspending flights from noon today. Britain will also require anyone arriving from banned countries from 4am on Sunday to quarantine in hotels.

The news means that East Coast Gold's 2pm to 6pm weekday presenter Damon Beard will have to cancel his first holiday 'home', planned for mid-December.

He chatted to Gordon Graham about the impact of the news in Gordon's More Music Breakfast Show earlier this morning. Click below to listen.

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