Stevie Nicks’ best collaborations

Stevie Nicks’ best collaborations

Stevie Nicks is loved for her distinctive voice and mystical stage persona. The legend turns 72 on Tuesday. Here are some of our favourite collaborations from her.

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Stephanie Lynn Nicks, better known as Stevie Nicks, was born on 26 May 1948 in Phoenix, Arizona. She started singing at the tender age of five and used to gig with her father, Aaron Nicks. 

The singer and songwriter is popularly known for her outstanding work as the lead vocalist of rock band Fleetwood Mac, as well as her successful solo career. 

She has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards and two American Music Awards. 

Over the years, the singer has released songs that have made us fall in love and heal the brokenhearted.  

"From the very beginning of the first song I wrote before I turned 16 to the last song I ever wrote, there's a certain thread that I use because it's just what I do... The songs are all about love and heartbreak – how to pick up the pieces – how to keep moving... I'm really chronicling love from the very beginning," reads a snippet from her website

Stevie has enjoyed working with several iconic stars during her musical career. 

Let us look at some of her biggest collaborations. 

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Fleetwood Mac work

During her time with Fleetwood Mac, Stevie and the band produced two classical hits, 'Rhiannon' and 'Landslide'. These two songs put Stevie on the map and transformed her into an overnight sensation. 

‘Gold Dust Woman’ from the album ‘Rumours’ is another song which was written and sung by Stevie. ‘Rumours’ went on to be the best-selling Fleetwood Mac album. It won the 1978 Grammy Award for best album. 

Ebony eyes

One of the best collaborations from the 1970s was 'Ebony Eyes' sung by Stevie and Bob Welch. 

The song was released in 1977. Bob Welch released the song on his album, 'French Kiss'. 

Whenever I call you ‘friend’ 

In 1978,  Kenny Loggins released the song ‘Whenever I call you “Friend”' featuring Stevie Nicks. The song was in the top ten in the US and Canada.

Later on in 1998, Stevie Nicks featured the song on her album, ‘Enchanted’. 

Can’t get enough 

'Can’t get enough' is a song by B.B. King featuring Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks. 

It was released in 1988 from B.B. King's album ‘King of Blues’. 

You can’t fix this

The singer featured Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Rami Jaffee on this track.

Enjoy listening to the song below. 

Listen to East Coast Gold to hear more songs from Stevie Nicks.

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