Remembering the life of reggae star Lucky Dube

Remembering the life of reggae star Lucky Dube

'Different Colours, One People' and 'Together As One' are just some of the songs Lucky Dube produced to unite us. East Coast Gold reflects on his life and career fifteen years following his passing.

Lucky Dube

Reggae star Lucky Dube was born on 3 August 1964 in Ermelo. 

He was raised by his grandmother in a very poor family were sometimes they would go without food. 

This led to the late star having to find work as a gardener before venturing into music. 

But even while trying to work to support his family, he knew music is what he was created to do. 

"As a child, when I was very young, thought I thought I want to be a musician and music is what I will do for a living and for the rest of my life," he said in an interview

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While in standard seven, he stole the guitar of his teacher and started teaching himself how to play. 

His music was inspired by his experience as a child living in a country where apartheid was practiced and the brutality he faced. 

Dube traveled the world as far as Australia and Jamaica, singing about equality and promoting peace amongst all the different races across the globe. 

Although he was a reggae legend, he didn't start by singing reggae. He recorded six Zulu albums before turning to Reggae in 1984. 

He also sang and collaborated with other South African musicians to educate the masses about AIDS. 

Sadly, the 'Remember Me' star died on 18 October 2007 after being shot dead by car thieves. 

To celebrate his life, East Coast Gold will be playing a special music tribute featuring his hits. Listen here

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