Paul Young's secret to success

Paul Young's secret to success

Born on 17 January 1956, Paul Young turns 67 years old today. Here is how he has maintained his stardom...

Paul Young
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Few artists can claim the success that Paul Young has enjoyed since breaking onto the music scene in the 1970s.

The international singer and songwriter started playing piano from the age of eight. 

His love from music was influenced by his mother’s side of the family, where his uncles used to play musical instruments at family gatherings.

Paul not only learned how to play the piano, but his love for music led to him also learning how to play the guitar while he was in junior school.

The first band he joined was the Kat Kool & The Kool Kats. He used to play bass for the band. 

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Paul later joined another band called, Streetband, and they produced the hit song, 'Toast'.

In 1982, Paul went solo. His first solo album became a huge success. 

His music topped charts. 

Paul told Barry Vera in an interview that he had thought it would take at least two or three solo albums, but he was surprised that his first album was so well received. 

He told Vera that his success came from the fact that he was well prepared before becoming a global star. Being part of different bands, traveling in a band, and working with different people gave him the tools he needed in order to not let fame get to his head, but remain grounded. His success did not come overnight. 

The global icon added that the challenge with today’s generation is that they can attain success quite quickly – from being a YouTube sensation to a global star, however, and this can affect one’s longevity.

To mark the artist's birthday, East Coast Gold will be playing some of his biggest hits today. Listen here.  

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