Neil Diamond drops 'Classic Diamonds' with London Symphony Orchestra

Neil Diamond drops 'Classic Diamonds' with London Symphony Orchestra

Neil Diamond has reinvented some of his biggest hits with some help from the London Symphony Orchestra. 

Neil Diamond 'Sweet Caroline' live
Neil Diamond / YouYube

Neil Diamond's album with the London Symphony Orchestra, 'Classic Diamonds', is officially out.

The album features 14 of Neil's greatest hits. The 79-year-old recorded new vocals for the tracks. 

Neil recorded the album at the famous Abbey Road Studios. He also worked on some of the songs at his Los Angeles studio. 

He explained how he picked the 14 songs that would feature on the album in an interview with Forbes magazine.

"[I] just did the ones that sounded the best, the most natural, the freshest. And it came out to be 14 of them. There are more, I could've probably put another half dozen in there, maybe I will if people like this album. But right now these 14 songs done in a new way that's enough to start it off," he said. 

Neil also revealed why he chose to work with the London Symphony Orchestra. 

"Somebody came out of that [initial] meeting with London Symphony Orchestra and they sound great and we did it at Abbey Road. It sounded like great ideas. "Let's make some demos, see how each of these songs plays and pick our favorites." If it's a good idea that's all you need is the idea."

The music icon also released his 'Sweet Caroline' singalong and TikTok campaign on Friday. 

The 'Sweet Caroline' singalong was launched on a special website. Neil's fans, influencers, and celebrities will be able to upload videos of themselves singing the song.

The singalong will run until December 4, and some of the clips will feature on a video compilation set to be released on December 11. 

You can listen to the new version of 'Sweet Caroline' on Neil's YouTube page. His fans have already given the song a big thumb's up. 

"A nice, gentle arrangement of the orchestra. I love all of Neil Diamond's work, but this one is particularly special. Whoda believed this song would be one that brought a whole new generation of Neil fans along...  Welcome aboard." one user commented. 

Neil has also joined forces with some of the biggest TikTok users in Australia, Germany, America, and the United Kingdom to create a social media campaign for the original version of 'Sweet Caroline'. 

Here's a look at the 14 songs that feature on 'Classic Diamonds':

Beautiful Noise
Hello Again 
I Am…I Said
I’m A Believer
Song Sung Blue
September Morn
Holly Holy
You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Play Me
Love On The Rocks
I’ve Been This Way Before
Sweet Caroline

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