Nancy Sinatra remembers her late husband

Nancy Sinatra remembers her late husband

Nancy Sinatra continues to mourn the death of her late husband and father years after their passing. 

Nancy Sinatra
Nancy Sinatra / YouTube screenshot

Nancy Sinatra took to Instagram to remember two important men in her life - her late father and husband. 

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Nancy wrote about how she misses her father. 

"Another birthday without you." 

The singer says life without her dad is not easy. 

"I try to smile when I think about you because I know you would want me to, but It’s so hard when I still miss you so much."

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She went on to wish her father a happy birthday in heaven. 

"I’m thankful for the memories, but I would rather have you here to celebrate. I love you, poppa. Happy birthday in heaven." 

Nancy also remembered how her dad gave her away to her husband on his birthday. 

"My dad gave me away on his birthday, to the love of my life…

"Happy anniversary in heaven, Hughie," she wrote.

The 'Summer Wine' hitmaker said her love for her late husband will continue.

"My love for you remains as strong as ever. I’ll carry you in my heart for the rest of my days. You would be so proud of our daughters and granddaughters. We miss you so much." 

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