Moments That Matter - Share your musical memories with us

Moments That Matter: Share your musical memories with us

What's that one song that takes you back to an exact moment in time? You know the one, because whenever you hear it you're transported back to a really big or happy moment that mattered.

Moments that matter

It could be the moment you danced in the living room with your toddler; the moment you proposed to the love of your life - or the moment you set off on an epic road trip with school or college friends with the car radio blasting your favourite tunes.

In celebration of music that has become the soundtrack to moments that matter, East Coast Gold's Jane Linley-Thomas is launching a new feature next week on her show (weekdays, 10am-2pm) with Château Gâteaux, called: “Moments that Matter.”

Below, Jane and Anna Kelly, marketing manager of Château Gâteaux - talk nostalgically (and hilariously) about some of their own favourite musical memories - as well as how to take part in this feature, and possibly win too in the process.

Just email us your Moment That Matters story and Jane could be featuring it on her show at 11am every weekday. And then on Friday, one lucky participant will win a fabulous Château Gâteaux cake!

Did you know, Château Gâteaux is now delivering your favourite treats in Durban, Gauteng and Cape Town? Plus, if you use the exclusive code: EAST COAST GOLD when ordering, you’ll receive 10% off a 24cm cake!

Visit Château Gâteaux's website for more info!  

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