Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves

Michael Jackson's iconic dance moves

From his famous 45-degree, anti-gravity lean to the moonwalk, we remember the legendary Michael Jackson with his iconic dance moves.

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Michael Jackson, dubbed 'The King of Pop', was born on 29 August 1958.

From his early childhood, Michael was already making hits and entertaining the world with his musical talent. 

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Michael was born into a family that loved music. He and his brothers formed a band called ‘The Jackson Five’. The group travelled the world and produced hits such as ‘ABC’ and ‘I Want You Back’.  

But Michael always stood out from the rest of the group. His talent was unmatched. From the 70s until his last years on earth, Michael Jackson gave his life to bringing the world nothing but pure entertainment bliss.

He inspired a lot of musicians with his vocal range and iconic dance moves.

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Michael broke every musical record and topped charts everywhere in the world. He was the greatest superstar that ever lived. 

Today marks eleven years since the 'King of Pop' left this earth. To remember him, we are looking back at some of his classic dance moves. 

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