Lockdown Lessons: your guide to the next 21 days

Lockdown Lessons: your guide to the next 21 days

COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Novel Coronavirus, Coronavirus or whatever you want to call it has brought so called ‘normal’ life to a swift and abrupt halt.  Things we considered mundane are now things that we are about to have to forgo in order to assist the Government to get a handle on this crisis.

Lockdown Lessons Podcast

There is so much information flying around at the moment, some of it very, very real and some of it as fake as a R25 note but most of it succeeds only to raise the anxiety levels (if we thought they could get higher).

As we head into 21 days of lockdown (maybe more) how do we prepare?  What do we do to make our home as comfortable as possible? What do we buy? (DON’T PANIC BUY) How do we make sure our kids are going to be okay? How do we deal with the isolation? So many questions that we need answered and who better to ask than two South Africans who have lived through a total lockdown in China for 50 days?

Oliver and Kirsty Boyes, as they like to describe themselves, 2 ordinary South Africans living through an extraordinary time.  They remind us that we are all now living through that strange and uncertain time, We are ALL in this TOGETHER!!!

In this series our SA couple will share their advice and wisdom dealing with a wide range of topics and as lockdown continues, we will make sure you have a resource to turn to with practical advice from fellow South Africans living in China and who through social networking have become a comfort to many people around the world.

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