Lockdown Legends - South Africa's musicians need our help!

Lockdown Legends - South Africa's musicians need our help!

East Coast Gold's Gordon Graham caught up with the organisers of Lockdown Legends – an online concert aimed at raising funds for the South African music industry, to chat about the initiative.

Lockdown Legends concert
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During the COVID-19 crisis, we have all applauded the medical staff, emergency services, and essential workers for their bravery and selfless acts of kindness. The world has shown its gratitude in a great many ways - and rightfully so.

There are, however, some ‘unsung’ (excuse the pun) heroes - the artists and musicians whose music and entertainment have kept us partying, chilled, laughing, and dancing prior to the steely grip of this dreaded virus. The virus has prevented them from appearing live and earning their living from the gig economy, which has been decimated in the face of the lockdown.

"The COVID-19 crisis has sadly left every musician, event planner, technician, and live event crew member without an income, but the upside is we can all do something about it. It is time for music lovers the world over to support their efforts - and in a fair exchange of entertainment for cash - reach for our wallets and look forward to being rewarded for your commitment and playing your part to help keep the entertainment economy alive and well," says one of the organisers Glenda Sixel.

"Join us, as we look back and celebrate the talents of SA’s retro ‘best of the best’, where they will perform online magic for all the world to see and hear from the comfort and safety of your home. Hear the music and the stories that defined generation after generation - and reconnect with the music that defined you."

The event features stars and members of the following bands from the 60’s to now:


● 1964 - Dickie Loader

● 1967 - The Dream Merchants

● 1967 - Four Jacks & A Jill

● 1968 - The Staccatos


● 1971- Brian Mulder of The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

● 1971 - Mick Matthews of The Hedgehoppers

● 1977 - Bernie Millar from Circus

● 1978- Andre De Villiers

● 1978 - Clout


● 1980 - Ballyhoo

● 1981 - Peach

● 1981 - Neil Solomon

● 1983 - Pierre De Charmoy

● 1984 - The Working Girls

● 1984 - Face to Face

● 1984 - Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse - Burnout

● 1985 - PJ Powers & Hotline

● 1985 - Robin Auld

● 1985 - Tim Parr of EllaMental

● 1985 - Heather Mac of Ella Mental

● 1985 - Sheldon Thomas & Craig Else of Petit Cheval

● 1986 - Stewart Irving

● 1988 - Cinema

● 1989 - Wendy Oldfield

● Lars Lofstrand of Celtic Rumours


● 1994 - Dr Victor

● 1995 - Kreesan

● 1998 - David Beretta Owens of Lithium

● 1999 - John Ellis from Tree 63


● 2006 - Craig Hinds of Watershed

● 2008 - Ross Learmonth of Prime Circle

● 2018 - Ard Matthews of Just Jinjer

● 2002 - Mark Beling formerly formerly of Mean Mr Mustard

● 2020 - Bobo from Denim with new act BNL

● 2020 - Terence Reis of The Dire Straits Experience

● 2020 - Khan Morbee of The Parlotones

● Danny K appearance

● Vicky Sampson appearance

East Coast Gold's Gordon Graham caught up with two of the organisers, Jarrod Aston from Cinema and Glenda Sixel from Clout, and they shared the vision behind the event and what they hope to achieve in raising money for this much-loved industry of music professionals.

This event will be hosted on this website platform and 75% of the proceeds will be channeled directly to the music professionals that have worked on this project and 25% to other music industry professionals.

The concert takes place on 28 June 2020 from 8.15 pm. You can view the content at any time from 8.15pm on the 28th June until the 5th July 2020 **

Donation from R10 to R100 gets you full access. 

www.covid-zero.co.za/lockdownlegends   or www.facebook.com/lockdownlegendsza

East Coast Gold plays Classic Hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Listen here.

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