Legendary Diana Ross releases new single, "I Still Believe"

Legendary Diana Ross releases new single, "I Still Believe"

“This music is a reflection of the joy and the love and the hope that I feel every day.” – Diana Ross

Diana Ross
Instagram/ Diana Ross

Now is the time… with the release of her extraordinary new album ‘Thank You’, the legendary Diana Ross shows her appreciation to fans with a brand new music video for the song ‘All Is Well’. Directed by Amanda Demme in collaboration with Ms. Ross’ sons, Evan Ross and Ross Naess, the music video is her first in over a decade. 

This marks not only the release of the Thank You album this week, but the new single ‘I Still Believe’ – an uplifting song about love, hope, and positivity.

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“My sons gave me the confidence and encouragement to make this video. After spending almost two years not performing and not being in front of the camera, they supported me in easing back into being around lots of people. These three people really took care of me: Evan Ross (producer), Amanda Demme (director), Ross Naess (photography), and so many others. I am filled with appreciation for the work that they all did to make this happen. I spent the past year recording new music and this music is a reflection of the joy and the love and the gratitude that I feel every day. It’s an album of great appreciation for life, and for all of you. For me there was an urgency in making a meaningful album, working with what is happening now in our world. Through the power of music we are creating a new kind of conversation that supports our choices and the decisions that we make.” - Diana Ross

Her new music video for ‘All Is Well’ offers a moment of reflection – encouraging fans to take comfort in small joys. As Ms. Ross sings in the opening line: There’s beauty all around you, right on display / Try your best to say, ‘thank you,’ each and every day.

Diana Ross has been called a trailblazer, a leader, an icon, and a legend, and with ‘Thank You’ she wants to give her fans “The Best of The Best”.

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‘Thank You’ – Track Listing:

  1. Thank You
  2. If the World Just Danced
  3. All Is Well
  4. In Your Heart
  5. Just In Case
  6. The Answer’s Always Love
  7. Let’s Do It
  8. I Still Believe
  9. Count On Me
  10. Tomorrow
  11. Beautiful Love
  12. Time To Call
  13. Come Together

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Main image attribution: Instagram/Diana Ross

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