Edison Lighthouse's 'Love Grows' goes disco!

Edison Lighthouse's 'Love Grows' goes disco!

East Coast Gold's Gordon Graham debuted Club Report's re-lick of Edison Lighthouse’s 1970’s hit “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)” this morning. Missed it on-air? Listen here and let us know which version you prefer.

Love Grows (In Rosemary's Disco)
Universal Music South Africa

The teenage production duo say they wanted to take “Rosemary to the Disco” with their Studio 54 inspired remix.

The guys said that they just made it for fun after going for a Nando’s, put it up on Soundcloud and then 24 hours later it just blew up.

The original is having an incredible resurgence all over the world via Tik Tok, amassing Billions of views and currently generating over one-million streams a day across streaming platforms.

Current Edison Lighthouse band members, Brian and Peter, describe the re-work as “banging” adding “I have no idea how I’m going to sing that fast over it but I love it”.

After receiving the final blessing from the original writers and current band members, “Love Grows (In Rosemary’s Disco)” debuted worldwide today making it the only alternative version to make the cut.

Remember, Love Grows not just where Rosemary goes, but where she Discos.

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Listen to the song below, then the original version, and let us know which version you prefer in our poll.

Below, is the original.

Let us know your preference in the poll below.

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