East Coast Gold launches new music feature

East Coast Gold launches new feel good music feature

East Coast Gold has a fantastic new music feature - Feel Good Friday! To kickstart the new feature, we asked our presenters to share songs that instantly get them into a happy frame of mind.

Feel Good Friday poster
Feel Good Friday poster

It's Friday and that means the weekend is here - more time for fun!

For East Coast Gold lovers, this means starting the weekend with a bang. 

We have a new feature specially designed to get you into a party mood. 

The Feel Good Friday special takes place from 6-7pm and we play feel-good hits for one hour!

To kick-start the special feature, Dave Guselli and Gordon Graham have shared with us songs from the Gold era that instantly get them into a party or positive frame of mind. 

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Dave Guselli 

Dave says what he likes the most about music from the Golden era is that it was authentic. 

"It was real music. I mean a song like 'Hey Jude' from The Beatles is absolutely incredible." 

Dave shared three songs that instantly get him into a happy mood. 

"Tavares' 'Heaven must be missing an angel', The Real Thing's 'You to me are everything' and, of course, the anthem for women worldwide, 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor. 

"That's real music. The lyrics were fantastic. It was true and real and well produced. These days you can do a bit of rap, and suddenly you are a millionaire!" 

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Gordon Graham 

"Well, the 60s was a bit before my time but I appreciate the ground-breaking music that set the stage for music to progress hugely! I am an 80s child and the music from that era defined so much of my life. I miss the simplicity, the genuine honesty of the time and the music that reflected the way we lived then. 

"Fun and laughter, love and sadness, the 80s music was the soundtrack to a time that will sadly never be repeated." 

Gordon says his favourite songs from the Gold era that make him feel good are:

"There was this Aussie upstart band that made a lot of noise with their independent style that defied the 'Big Rock' bands of the time. Lyrics were amazing, music was fresh and exciting. Whenever I hear an INXS song I am instantly 16 again, turning up the radio and dancing and singing to my independence as a young adult with the world at my feet. 'New Sensation', play that song and I am instantly happy."

Catch our Feel Good Friday special, Fridays 6-7pm. Solid gold feel-good hits for one hour solid! Feel Good Fridays – Only on East Coast Gold!

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