We remember Durban 80s band Equinox

We remember Durban 80s band Equinox

Who remembers top Durban band from the 1980s, Equinox? The band consisted of Gerry Connor on lead vocals, John 'Jordi' Jordan on keyboards and backing vocals, Peter 'The Greek' on guitar/bass and backing vocals - and Francois Hardy on drums and backing vocals.

Durban 80s band Equinox

Equinox performed at the Royal Hotel (in the Tavern) for three years (five nights a week), then recorded their original album 'Undercover Lover' in 1988 with David Gresham Records in Johannesburg.

This led to them touring around South Africa performing at big concerts before returning to Durban to perform at the Gangplank at The Wheel for a year.

East Coast Gold's Dave Guselli caught up with Francois Hardy for an update on what's happened since then. Listen below.

Listen to that song here.

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