Cat Stevens' greatest hits

Cat Stevens' greatest hits

If you’re a fan of the music of Cat Stevens, you’re in for a treat on Tuesday (21 July) – his birthday, when East Coast Gold's Gordon Graham will be hosting a special one hour feature, celebrating many of Cat Stevens’ greatest hits. It's from 9-10 am and again between 2 and 3pm.

Cat Stevens special on East Coast Gold

Cat Stevens, whose real name is Yusuf Islam, is a folk music legend. He has been making hits since the 1960s and is much loved around the globe.

The star has been enjoying global fame from the 1970s until today and his talent is unmatched. 

Stevens has released over 10 studio albums and two live albums. His music has made us dance at weddings, comforted us at funerals, made us fall in love, and made it easier to get over a broken heart. 

To celebrate his birthday, East Coast Gold will be playing many of his hit singles. 

These will include songs that made him a household name, such as ‘Father and Son’ and ‘Wild World’. 

To listen to the special tribute, listen to East Coast Gold on Tuesday, 21 July from 9-10am and again, between 2-3pm. 

Cat Stevens- Father and Son

Cat Stevens - The Wind

Cat Stevens - Wild World 

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