The best Paul McCartney love songs

The best Paul McCartney love songs

Grab your partner and share a dance while listening to these classic love songs from Paul McCartney. 

Paul Mccartney
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Paul McCartney turns 78 on Thursday. 

The esteemed English singer and songwriter gained worldwide fame as the co-lead vocalist and bassist for the Beatles.

McCartney joined the Beatles in the 1960s before going solo in the 1970s. 

He has written many beautiful songs about love. To celebrate his life and music, we look at five of his biggest love songs.

Loveliest Thing

This is one of the best songs to tell your lover how precious they are. The lyrics will sweep anyone off their feet.

I’m Carrying

‘I'm Carrying’ is a beautiful love song. What makes the song even more special is the orchestra sound and McCartney's smooth voice. 

Only Love Remains

‘Only Love Remains’ is the best song to let the one you love know how much they mean to you. 

Warm And Beautiful

‘Warm And Beautiful’ is a beautiful song, especially to celebrate an anniversary. It talks about a love that stood the test of time.

So Bad

This song is about a man who is so in love with his partner it hurts. It is a beautiful love song that shows how strong love is. 

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