The Beatles' Sir Ringo Starr releases new music video

The Beatles' Sir Ringo Starr releases new music

Here is new music from The Beatles' Sir Ringo Starr which came out over the weekend. 

Sir Ringo Starr 'Gonna Need Someone' music video
Sir Ringo Starr 'Gonna Need Someone' music video / YouTube

Sir Ringo Starr has a new music video out!

The Beatles drummer released the 'Gonna Need Someone' music video over the weekend. 

The music video comes from a single which is featured on his new EP, ‘Crooked Boy’. 

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It has archive footage of Ringo in his youth.

"The EP features 4 all-new tracks written and produced by Linda Perry and will arrive on black vinyl and CD on 5/31. Now fans can listen to the EP, watch the official video, and pre-order the EP! Peace and Love, Team Ringo," reads the description on Facebook. 

“I love what Linda did and I think all the songs are all great but one thing I did ask her was to write me a rocker. And that’s ‘Gonna Need Someone’ and I love it! Nick Valensi plays guitars on it – and on all of the EP – and he is great,” Ringo said, based on a statement on his website. 

The songs include 'February Sky', 'Adeline', 'Gonna Need Someone', and 'Crooked Boy'. 

Below is the video:

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