Almost Impossible Music Quiz: Latest questions!

The More Music Breakfast Show gives you the chance to test your music knowledge every weekday at 09:10 with the 'Almost Impossible Music Quiz' with questions provided by the Quiz Master Chris Woudberg, based in KZN.

Almost Impossible Music Quiz

How well do you know your music? The popular 'Almost Impossible Music Quiz, which features on Gordon Graham's More Music Breakfast Show, has been baffling music lovers over a year now. 

Here are five of the quiz questions we've featured. How well do your know your music?

Q1. Who released the song “Oh! Neil” in response to the song “Oh! Carol”? 


Q2. Who says “quite rightly” in the background of Donovan’s song Mello Yello? 


Q3. Which Big Country member used to make money by cleaning nuclear submarines?


Q4. Which McCoys song was a hit for the Merseys and David Bowie?


Q5. Which band started as Del-Phil?


(Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the answers)

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A1. Carole King in response to the Neil Sedaka song.

A2. Donovan himself – not Paul McCartney

A3. Bruce Watson

A4. Sorrow

A5. Martha and the Vandellas

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