Almost Impossible Music Quiz: Latest questions!

Almost Impossible Music Quiz: Latest questions!

The More Music Breakfast Show gives you the chance to test your music knowledge every weekday at 09:10 with the 'Almost Impossible Music Quiz' with questions provided by the Quiz Master Chris Woudberg, based in KZN.

Almost Impossible Music Quiz

How well do you know your music? The popular 'Almost Impossible Music Quiz, which features on Gordon Graham's More Music Breakfast Show, has been baffling music lovers over a year now. 

Here are five of the quiz questions we've featured. How well do your know your music?


Q1. Which band arranged for their entire fee of £8 500 to cascade from holes drilled into the ceiling of the Hammersmith Odeon onto their fans on 4th December 1976?  

Q2. Who was Elvis Presley’s first manager?  

Q3. What was the original name of the Beach Boys album 'Surf’s Up'?  

Q4. What have Chic, Robert Palmer and Duran Duran got in common?   

Q5. When Free first broke up in 1971, what band did Paul Rodgers form?

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A1. Steeleye Span. It took the audience quite a while to realise that real pound notes were falling from the ceiling.  

A2. Scotty Moore

A3. Landlocked  

A4. Chic members Bernard Edwards & Tony Thomson, Duran Duran’s Andy and John Taylor together with Robert Palmer formed the supergroup Power Station.  

A5. Peace (who often supported Mott The Hoople).

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