Three of Leo Sayer's biggest hits

3 of Leo Sayer's biggest hits

East Coast Gold is hosting a half hour special of Leo Sayer’s most-loved hits with Damon Beard this Saturday in honour of the singer's 74th birthday. 

Leo Sayer

Leo Sayer celebrates his birthday on 21 May.  The English-Australian singer has been consistent in the entertainment industry, releasing many hits throughout his music career. 

He began singing over four decades ago.  The Grammy Award winner is loved by people all over the world. 

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In his December 2019 visit to South Africa, he joined Gordon Graham for an exclusive interview where he revealed that he is still very much keen on releasing more music. 

 "I just want to keep on working... I'm still feeling as creative as ever," he told Gordon.

"The ideas are flowing. I've got a huge backlog of songs that still haven't been recorded. I'm just starting on some new stuff at the moment. I think if you feel it in your heart that you can do something, and provide something, you can do it. And honestly it doesn't matter if it sells millions or if it just pleases a few people.  The most important thing is to be creative and to get it out there. And living in Australia I have the template now to do that," he added.

Listen to that full interview below.

Let us look at three of his biggest hits. 

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When I Need You

This song currently has over seven-million views on YouTube. 

It was number one on the charts in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

More Than I Can Say 

According to, the song was recorded by Leo Sayer in 1980. It comes from his eighth album, 'Living in a Fantasy'.

The song was originally recorded by The Crickets in 1960.

Some of the countries where it performed well include; Ireland, Switzerland, the UK, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands. 

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

In 1976, Leo Sayer released the album, 'Endless Flight', which features the hit song, 'You Make Me Feel Like Dancing'. 

The song became Leo Sayer's first #1 hit on the billboard charts.

It also won him the 1978 Grammy for 'Best R&B Song'.

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