14 songs that prove Madonna is the Queen of Pop

14 songs that prove Madonna is the Queen of Pop

From ‘Like A Virgin’ to ‘Vogue’, East Coast Gold will be celebrating the Queen of Pop’s birthday with 14 of her classic hits that prove she is a powerhouse. 

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Madonna came onto the music scene in the 1980s. During those years, the music industry was very male-dominated. The popstar revolutionised things and soon became a household name.

Madonna is known as an exceptional performer who has sold over 300-million albums worldwide, graced many magazine covers, and broken countless records.

Some of those records include; ‘Best-selling female recording artist’, ‘Highest-grossing music tour’, and the artist whose music has been remixed the most.

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Madonna turns 62 on Sunday, 16 August. To celebrate, East Coast Gold's Damon Beard will be hosting a special one hour feature from 9am until 10am on Sunday, playing many of Madonna's greatest hits.

The song list will include hits such as ‘Holiday’, ‘Like A Virgin’, ‘Crazy For You’, ‘True Blue’, ‘Material Girl’, ‘Open Your Heart’, ‘Like A Prayer’ and ‘Vogue’.

The feature will be repeated from 2pm to 3pm that same day.

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Listen to East Coast Gold here.

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