You've been mispronouncing these KZN locations

You've been mispronouncing these KZN locations

This week on Khuluma Nathi: uThisha Sky wants to help you get these names right while working on your carbon footprint.

Durban names

KZN is a blessed and beautiful province filled with wonderful cities, towns, and suburbs - and the names of these locations reflect that.

There are still many locations that have isiZulu names and, unfortunately, for many years, not everyone has nailed the pronunciation of these locations.

Sky Tshabalala has had enough of this, so he has taken it upon himself to teach you how to 100% accurately and correctly pronounce the names of these areas.

From Umhlanga to Ixopo, we're taking you across the whole province so that by the time you are on your next road trip, you will be asking for directions without any hassles.

Listen to the full class below:

And to end off this week's classes, Sky is also trying his best to encourage people to be more green.

Not with jealousy, but in an environmental way.

People need to be more conscious of their carbon footprint, their contribution to pollution, and even the smallest lifestyle changes can have an impact.

So it's super important for you to learn how to say, "No thanks, I have my own bag".

You can listen to the full lesson right here:

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