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WATCH: Whose monkeys are these anyway?

Did these monkeys really make a splash at Jubilee Hospital as viral video sparks panic?

Gauteng Health Dept insists videos of monkeys in water tanks are not from Jubilee Hospital.
The Gauteng Department of Health has insisted that videos circulating on social media of the monkeys are not from any of its facilities. Image: @Emily_Sphiwe / Twitter screenshot

In the era of trending videos, it's not uncommon for heartwarming or humorous clips to dominate our social media feeds. 

However, sometimes a video emerges that leaves viewers both intrigued and apprehensive.

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According to @Emily_Sphiwe on Twitter, monkeys were found swimming inside black water tankers. 

As expected, panic quickly ensued. Social media platforms were abuzz with discussion, speculation, and even exaggerated rumours about the monkeys' potential threat to public health.

Now people have been saying that these tankers belong to Jubilee District Hospital. However, government officials have released a statement to calm down fears about the situation. 

Here is the video that has been making the rounds on social media:

According to the Gauteng Department of Health, videos and social media posts showing monkeys swimming in water tanks belonging to the Jubilee District Hospital are irresponsible and seek to mislead.

Motalatale Modiba, who is the Spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Health, mentioned to the public that the circulating videos have the potential to cause panic among patients and community members.

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"The Gauteng Department of Health would like to assure the public that the video where monkeys are seen swimming inside black water tankers is not from Jubilee District Hospital nor any of our public health facilities," says Motalatale. 

Government officials have encouraged community members to report pages that continue to use and distribute such content.

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Main image attribution: @Emily_Sphiwe / Twitter screenshot

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