WATCH: Adele reveals her proudest possession... which is pretty gross

WATCH: Adele reveals her proudest possession... which is pretty gross

This has left us with something to digest...

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Darren Maule's prized possession might be his coffee or socks, Keri Miller's might be her yoga mat or water bottle, and Sky's might be his gaming system. That sounds normal, right? 

Then Adele reveals in her interview with Vogue for 73 Questions with Vogue, that this interesting item is what she deems her proudest and most prized possession. 

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The 'Easy On Me' singer has been in the spotlight following the release of her hit single. This specific interview works well as it fits in with the momentum she has ahead of her upcoming album, '30'. 

The singer was quizzed about when we could see her live in performance, how she handles being a public figure, and if stage fright is even a thing for her. 

What will take you aback with the entire interview is her reveal of this bizarre item in her house. Very, very strange.

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Adele had been gifted the used gum by The Late Late Show host James Corden after he became aware of her admiration for the singer, with Adele describing it as "pretty amazing".

See her discuss about the bizarre item below:


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