That's one expensive smile!

That's one expensive smile!

Are you the type of person who likes to wear their crystals in their mouth? Yeah, that sentence is strange, but it will make sense once you see what a London jewler is doing with Swarovski crystals...

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Now we are sure you have all heard of or seen gold teeth, right?

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The act of adorning gold teeth or wearing jewels on your pearly whites goes back centuries, with many cultures using it as a way to show off rank and status.

The trend is still big to this day, with people choosing to alter their smile by adding some bling. From your average man on the street to high-profile entertainers, adding a stone or two to the mouth is still seen as a status symbol.

We are just not sure how comfortable it is?

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We digress...

For those who want to add an expensive twist to this classic look, you need not look further than Chai Beauty London. The company's owner Anyamanee Chailom has been adding Swarovski crystals and high-end gold to mouths since 2016.

These impressive pieces of art are not attached to the actual tooth, for fear of ruining the enamel it sits on. Instead, it is bonded and easily removeable - making them the perfect accessory for those fun nights out (when COVID-19 allows, of course).

There is a word of warning here, though - should you ever look to purchase one of these items, it is advised that you ensure you clean it regularly, as they are said to fall apart easily should they not be properly maintained.

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This brings a whole new meaning to "digging for diamonds" should you swallow one...

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